Music of Bob Cadway
Thanks to Bob Gatto for "Do Buster". He said this recording was done at Bolonese Studio in the late 1980's. He overdubbed the chorus "do buster" after a gig with Charlie Ferrara.
Do Buster
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Whenever Bob took a solo, Roast Beef Joe would yell "do buster"

Those who knew Bob will understand the lyrics of this song and who they were about - enough said.
Mod Operandi Comp
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All music and singing as well as the creation of this song was by Bob. The true one man band!

Charlie Raymond on Drums, Bob on Guitar back in the early days. Charlie, email me with the details and I will list them here! Larry - thanks for bringing these to me on a CD out in California!
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Martin says: I wrote a song with Greg Barnhill and Jason Deere from Nashville called "Smoke and Mirrors", Bob played some great guitar on it.
Smoke and Mirrors
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Rick Bieder sent me some of Bob's work. The following is a complilation of solos and mixes that Bob did on a CD called Mr. Moss goes Hawaian.
Part 1  
Part 2  
This is a video of Bob taped by Artie Hoffses some time in the upper 1980's. It was a birthday wish for Vlad Candela. It is about 20 minutes long. He plays!
Windows movie maker video that is 31MB. This will take hours to download with a 28.8 modem and about 20 minutes with a DSL or Cable modem.

Below are a few songs that were donated by Marty Hass from a CD Played at a gathering at Larry Shaw's House
Song 1 - Blues
Song 2 - Jazz
Song 3 - Country

The file below I recorded from a cassette tape that Bob had sent our father 4/29/1982. Bob describes everything on the recording at the beginning of the tape. Includes a Burger king commercial and laughable slop guitar solo on original recording.
Recording - 13mb mp3 file

The songs below are from a CD sent to me by Linda Scott titled "Off the cuff Cadway riffs"
Don K. Reed Theme Song
Make Believe
Smooth Jazz
What a Shame
You Told a Lie

I found a CD at Bob's place that was titled "chunk" at PJs disk 1 of 2. I edited this song from the CD and saved it as an mp3
Song cut from track 2

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