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Hey Rich. You lost my fav Bob story.
I will tell it again quickly. It sums up my 14 years making records with Bob.
Anyone who has worked with Bob knows he was a compulsive knob fiddler.
No matter how long he worked on EQing  a part he would still fiddle with a knob or keep his hand on the fader making minute adustments. He couldn't keep his hands off the controls.
It would drive me crazy because after working on a part for 4 hours and finally getting sounding perfect Bob would keep fiddling with knobs and I was always paranoid he would mess with the perfection.
I would BEG him NOT touch it any further.
Once while recording my piano part to tape I noticed Bob fiddling with a knob on the EQ...and said "Damnit now we have to go back and re record it from the beginning"  and Bob said "Nah what im fiddling with wont really be noticeable to the sound" so i screamed " SO WHY THE HELL ARE YOU FIDDLEING WITH IT FOR THEN IF IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE"
Bob just gave me one of his famous stares from over his glasses and simply said "CAUSE IM NUTS"
And I just fell on the floor laughing and said
"Thank god after 10 years of this do I now  know that it wasn't ME who was losing his mind"
I said "Bob thank you for finally explaining why you do this"
For 10 years I thought that he actually had a purpose for all the knob fiddling and each time I strained my ears to try and figure out what the difference was.
I miss my friend Bob Cadway who made me famous for a while.
Rich Tancredi


Dear Artie:
My name is Cathy Kling, unfortunately I'm in Louisiana but would like for you to forward my deepest condolences to Bob's family and friends. Bob and I were born a day apart, went through high school together, dated for 3 years after that, and remained very close writing, telephoning, e-mailing and sending CDs to each other. But now it seems it will be forever in spirit.
He was the blessed one who took care of my brother until he died, and then was there for me and my family until the funeral and always for me on a daily basis, in both spiritually and close friendship that was definitely uniquely special. He was always a comforting friend and so very thoughtful and selfless to the point where everyone came first before his own needs. And, he was truly blessed. Everyone who met him and knew him was blessed whether they knew that or not, he was one of those rare individuals who blessed people in words and deeds everywhere he went.
I will miss him so terribly as he was my one great confidante on all matters and consider myself so lucky to have known him as well as I did ,and to receive such a kind soul to share thoughts, time, and spiritualness with in this world. I am so sorry for all our loss here, but I'm happy he's where he deserves to be, where he lived his life to get to, and that he's peaceful and happy now. My thoughts are with the friends and family he leaves behind.
Sincerely, Cathy Flynn



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