This website is a memorial to a great guitarist, recording engineer, and brother.

A Private Website built by Bob's brother, Richy for Bob's Friends

During a recording session, a disagreement between Bob and Steven Segal caused a fight to break out. I'm not sure if Bob is readying a left karate chop or if he actually nodded off, but we found out later that Segal wet his pants during this encounter. Click to see the video

Bob told me a few days before he died that he was anxious to see this picture. He thought it would be funny to see himself in a Kung Fu pose with the great Steven Segal, especially if Bob was winning, but Segal would not agree to it. This is the original, but just maybe a picture with Bob winning will show up soon. G-r-e-a-a-t!
It did show up! Thanks Joe Weinman! Click

From Ernie Mannix -
"Here's a picture I found when we did a session at Electric Lady. Some crazy guy on 8th street just started babbling to Bob and Bob listened."

Bob on Guitar - "doing Buster" with a G-R-E-A-T impression
Click & Go There - Do Buster!

The main purpose of this site is for everyone that loved Bob to have a place to share their experiences and funny stories as well as their feelings and sentiments.

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Check back here often! I will be adding songs, pictures, and other goodies frequently.

 Richy Cadway -

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